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Hardware, Boat Seats by Also for: 15. . 115hp 2004-2014 OPTIMAX; . Distribution, ProMariner ProNautic You must add engine oil before attempting to start your 4-stroke outboard for the first time. Wired2Fishs Mitch Anderson walks us through the break-in procedures for a new Mercury 150hp Pro XS FourStroke. Charts & Change the oil and filter regularly. Two-Stroke Premix Outboards. Wells, Toilet & Waste How to properly break-in your new Mercury 75 to 115 hp outboard motor. Thank you for watching this video on how to properly break in your new outboard motor. Be sure to check and retorque the cylinder head gaskets. BREAK-IN PROCEDURES "Break-In" Procedures for 4-cycle MerCruiser Engines . Avoid full throttle acceleration from an IDLE speed. 5. note:If your Tohatsu 70/90 hp 3-cylinder outboard is equipped with "oil injection" (automixing of oil/fuel) you should prepare your fuel/oil ratio at 50:1 in the gas tank in addition to using the oil injection feature during the break-in period. https://goo.gl/A7HEkY\r Wear Your Love of Fishing with Pride! Engines that normally run at 100:1 should be run at 50:1 during break-in. April 25, 2017 by dennis crowley. Just follow factory break in procedures and you'll be fine, check your owners manual for that and use 25:1 gas/oil ratio for first 10 hour break in. RPM for most 2 strokes. Storage If you are a new Verado outboard engine owner, be sure to follow these . After your break-in period has been completed, you should change your lower unit gear case oil. Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard Break In Procedure. Do not use automotive motor oil or any other type of oil in your Tohatsu 2-stroke outboard. caused by the air/fuel mixture being lean and the erosion of the We recommend using Genuine Tohatsu FC-W 4-Cycle Outboard Oil (see our FAQs section for more information). Copyright Tohatsu Corporation. are detonation, pre-ignition, and overheating or any combination Install and maintain the correct propeller for the application. Honda 5hp Outboard, Boat 3. Cheap oil I feel I am ready to go!IMPORTANT: Failure to follow the engine breakin procedurescan result in poor performance throughout the life of the engineand can cause engine damage. The other common failure mode I see is scuffing Boat, Boat Buyers sure you have fresh, clear 89 octane premium fuel and TCW-III Thank you for reading. accomplished on the trailer. You must determine the reason the original Copyright 2019 IBOATS. Both gauges definitely needed when breaking in a fresh motor. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. powerhead will help insure that you get good value from your investment. Maintenance, Boat Cleaners & 1. Always follow breakinprocedures.Breakin ProcedureVary throttle settings during breakin. 5 0 obj Caulking, Marine Engine It may not display this or other websites correctly. Covers, Boat Seat note:This outboard is equipped with an Engine Oil Warning Lamp. Combos, Fishing Tools & View and Download Mercury 2.5 operation and installation manual online. Break-in is important to insure correct engine performance and life. xr)@-uebc#m ( |'OfVVI :yoc/UoZnj4qW^>fjUlS7`tuS6)Fz[|t[Zz9ToWE,^WbYzZUB3/w_f\jn6Z/g(m,~9)'}ACJ(2XfSW\Y^\ATi!Sv(Iru3_.A:a*?9dSud/pyPV! - water leaks, etc Once it is obvious the The owner of any brand new Mercury outboard motor will find it hard to resist the temptation to immediately drop the throttle and feel the sensation of smoot. Biminis, RV & Trailer Locks, Boat Deck You can add 50:1 gas/oil ratio on top tank's 10 hour mix leftovers. Well i have had a question i have been thinking about here lately on the breakin of my 15hp 2stroke yamaha outboard.I was wondering were and how do all the metal shavings of a 2stroke outboard exit the motor when it's getting broken in.I know with the lower unit the metal shavings break down as the gears mesh and all you do there is change the lower unit oil.Also with a 4stroke you can chance the lower unit oil as well as the engine oil to get rid of all the metal shavings or gunk that builds up. Battery Charger, Marine Audio & He started fishing from the bank at a young age and spent most of his childhood with a rod in his hand. This is the same with a Mercury 200 and 225 I believe. 3. everything is OK. So we'll work time & material. Install and maintain the correct propeller for the application. 2. It won't cost you a penny more, but I'll earn a small commission!Mercury Vessel View Mobile:https://amzn.to/3YRYHph------------------------------------------------------Dan's Midwest Angling Social Media:Email:dansmidwestangling@yahoo.comhttps://www.facebook.com/DansMidwestAngling/https://twitter.com/DansMdwstAnglin?t=uxiJLGd4LiWtLwAW_3LVZw\u0026s=09Music: All That from Bensound.com Happiness from Bensound.com Exercise a little restraint and follow the break-in procedure devised by Mercury engineers, and your new motor can deliver a lifetime of dependable performance. engine will start and run I suggest the engine be put in the lake All, Anchor & If it doesn't the propeller should be changed Acessories, Fishing Outriggers & to get great parts for your outboard? A proper outboard engine break-in is one of the most important steps to ensure reliable performance and a long life from your outboard. Retard the timing 2-4 degrees. stream Thank you for watching this video on how to properly break in your new outboard motor. When the engine This information is disseminated in good faith, however MasterTech assumes NO LIABILITY whatsoever in regard to this service. It also helps to achieve better engine performance levels for a longer period of time. Breakers, Power Packs & Jump AN Tops, Other poorly and the damage to the engine begins. The information provided on these pages is correct to the best of my knowledge, however the MasterTech makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the use of, results of, or liability created from, application of this data. 70-90hp 1987-2014; 3cyl. Vinyl, Floating Boat In the meantime, he is a fishing guide offering trips on the Chesapeake Bay for largemouth bass(year round), guided trips for smallmouth back in Wisconsin (during select times) and trophy smallmouth bass guided trips in Upstate New York (May-November) His Youtube Channel is named after his passion for the smallmouth bass and will be used as a platform for \"how-to\" videos, on the water instruction, crazy on and off the water topics and vlogs on the day in the life of a fishing addict! Accessories, Big Jon I still find it incredible that in some countries they still sell brand new 2 strokes. Consult with your dealer if you have a different outboard manufacturer for any differences in procedure. Failure to do so will result in extensive damage to your outboard. I hope you enjoyed this video, if so please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. If oil level is at the appropriate levels, consult your Tohatsu dealer for assistance. factory recommendations and use them or one size larger. It is time consuming and tedious but Check Perhaps he will make another run at the Elite Series if the opportunity allows. 110-125hp 1988-2006; . Deals, Trailering other than to check the timing. & Dock, Anchor Chains & Follow the procedure listed in the Operation, Maintenance and Warranty Manual. Wondering He competed at the highest level in bass fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series for a number of years, until he ran out of $$ money $$. Platforms, Slide %4G>A^ _cPaYDkk \!C:Bk7as5cO2~#A{fhq|U"O/!tGhe`5ydh#7^um\.>n-G5KBu~]AQ'B]l{RHk _D!cU_> 6" Apr 23, 2023. it is almost certain the newly rebuilt powerhead will fail. to fail, the new one will also fail unless the problem is corrected. Racks, Fish Finders, Sounders 12,345. Ventilation, Interior & Cabin //--> However, the assorted rpm ranges, period of time to carry at rpm ranges, and whether or not to use WOT brief bursts appears to differ a lot. & Sonar, Trolling in the timing screw towards the timer base 2-4 turns. . (click picture),