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Cardiff is the closer of the two to the Severn Bridge the main connection between England and Wales. A town seal which is believed to date from this period names the town as Sweyse. [36] In 1996, Swansea became one of 22 unitary authorities with the addition of part of the former Lliw Valley Borough. The Quadrant, Parc Tawe, Wind Street, SA1/Marina, High Street, whats left of The Kingsway - these are islands of activity with nothing in between except empty shops and car parks. [118], A number of beaches around Swansea Bay are promoted to visitors. Swansea (/swnzi/; Welsh: Abertawe [abrtaw]) is a coastal city and the second-largest city of Wales. There are ten questions in this quiz. Marketing is an ever-evolving field that requires a lot of creativity to be successful. Cardiff is the second most beautiful city in the UK to wake up in, according to new research from the Premier Inn hotel group. WalesOnline. Who is the only Cardiff City player to have scored 100 goals? It includes a large amount of open countryside and a central urban and suburban belt. Swansea Leisure Centre opened in 1977; it has undergone extensive refurbishment which retained elements of the original structure and re-opened in March 2008. The population density averages out at 150 people per square kilometre (290 per square mile), although theres wide variation within the country. [81] It is also the home of the tallest floodlight stand in Europe.[82]. Let's be real Cardiff University generally has better academic success than Swansea and is commonly regarded as more prestigious. Located at 156 High Street, it is recognisable for its distinctive wedge shape. Swansea will obviously give you bus access to the lovely Gower peninsula with . That means that unless the Bluebirds get their act together, and fast, they could potentially lose a generation of fans to their arch-rivals. Rosenberg, Matt. During the 19th-century industrial heyday, Swansea was the key centre of the copper-smelting industry, earning the nickname Copperopolis. All buses, trains, and cars traveling to Swansea will usually have to pass Cardiff first, too. [11] However, the Norse termination -ey, can mean "inlet" and the name may simply refer to the mouth of the river.[12]. The original bell turret was dismantled long ago because its weight made the walls bulge. This transmitter also provides digital terrestrial television in the Swansea area. [75], The poet Dylan Thomas is perhaps the best-known. 1140. Australia ranks surprisingly low in terms of population (around or below 50th in the world), likely in part because of so much of its land is uninhabitable. Swansea railway station is approximately a fifteen-minute walk from Swansea bus station. [30] But when it comes to determining the size and stature of a football club, fan base is the first port of call (current and more importantly potential) followed by history and tradition. Copper smelting at Swansea declined in the late 1800s for a number of reasons. That means that if you're traveling by road from almost anywhere in the UK, Cardiff is the easier city to reach. Who Is More Successful Cardiff Or Swansea? You can get to Wales by train, plane, car or even by boat. It forms a principal area, officially known as the City and County of Swansea (Welsh: Dinas a Sir Abertawe ). We've even plotted a trio of driving itineraries, known as The Wales Way, to showcase some of the most beautiful scenery! Church in Wales church viewed across Oystermouth Road. Cardiff is the vibrant capital of Wales. In 2003, Swansea RFC merged with Neath RFC to form the Ospreys. It is considered the second largest city in Wales. North America is third in area at 9.4 million square miles (24.5 million square kilometers). However, it's fifth on the list in population with369 millionpeople., North Americaboasts Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Cost of Living Comparison Between Cardiff and Swansea You would need around 3,138.45 in Swansea to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 3,400.00 in Cardiff (assuming you rent in both cities). Cardiff or Swansea: Which Welsh City is Better to Visit? [48] All buses, trains, and cars traveling to Swansea will usually have to pass Cardiff first, too. The church building was originally located at Newport Docks. Australia is about the size of the contiguous 48 states of America. Africa is No. 44986, 12 December 1969. The most deprived small area in Wales in WIMD 2019 was Rhyl West 2 (the area around Rhyl High Street) in Denbighshire, which was ranked second most deprived in WIMD 2014. With four seasons about to become a fifth, the profile of the Swans is incredible and only about to get bigger with the expansion of television coverage in the USA. It is the second largest city in Wales after Cardiff, and the twenty-fifth largest city in the United Kingdom. The SA1 Waterfront area is the latest development for living, dining and leisure. The Travel Magazine praised Oxwich for "magnificent and unspoilt" scenery and as a "great place for adults and children to explore". There are also advanced plans over the purchase and expansion of the Liberty which would allow the waiting-list and the expanded interest in the club from near and far to be illustrated in bigger attendances, something they are hamstrung over at present. Newport gained city status in 2002. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. In Mumbles, especially, there are plenty of cute little stores selling a range of products from clothes, crafts, and arts to wine, beer, and food. Thats a long run of nightclubs and drinking holes that goes on past midnight. Unfortunately I cant disagree with anything we are very lucky that we have the Gower and that Swansea City are in the Premier League - those two factors alone attract people to Swansea nothing else., And ShhhutUp said the layout of Swansea was all over the place, and added: There is no focal point in the centre of Swansea, somewhere that links all the fragmented areas together. PA: As the biggest under-achievers in the division, given the depth and quality of squad available to Russell Slade.Anywhere between eighth and 12th, by my . They are known as the Swansea Valley Miners but were formed as the Swansea Bulls in 2002. Huddersfield are just one point away from securing their Championship safety after holding on to beat Cardiff City 2-1 in Wales. They join with city center flats and business hotels, meaning Cardiff has accommodation for all budgets. Changes in the ice, in turn, affectglobal weather patternsand by extension, over time, climate. 3 Why do Swansea sing swim away to Cardiff? Swansea is home to the DVLA headquarters in Morriston, which employs around 6,000 people in the city. Cardiff is widely regarded as being the city with the most castles in the world. Also much better shopping. Waste management services are coordinated by the local council, which deals with refuse collection and recycling and operates five civic amenity sites. [83] A large area of the city is earmarked for redevelopment. The traditional agricultural landscape consists of a patchwork of fields characterised by walls, stone-faced banks and hedgerows. Swansea, like Wales in general, has seen many Non-conformist religious revivals. Cardiff will give you good transport links up into the valleys and beyond but there is so much to do and sea in the City too. Swansea City's Premier League promotion poses the questions: Which is the bigger club, Swansea or Cardiff? [17] Much of Swansea's growth was due to migration from within and beyond Walesin 1881 more than a third of the borough's population had been born outside Swansea and Glamorgan, and just under a quarter outside Wales.[25]. The team presently play in the English Championship, after spending seven seasons in the English Premier League. It continues to provide higher education in the field of business including an MBA programme. Cefn Bryn, a ridge of high land, is the backbone of the Gower Peninsula. If youre into your surf brands and eco cosmetics, we recommend checking out Hiatus Store in Uplands. The Swansea Bowls Stadium opened in early 2008. It is approximately 40 minutes away by road or 70 minutes by rail. . It is fifth on the world population list, with 431 million people living there. twenty-fifth largest in the United Kingdom, Swansea Literary and Philosophical Society, Bishop Vaughan Catholic Comprehensive School, Welsh-medium secondary schools in Swansea, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, British Constructional Steelwork Association, "Swansea (District, Wales, United Kingdom) - Population Statistics, Charts, Map and Location", Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, "Identification Of Longhole (Gower) As An Aurignacian Site", "History of Swansea in Glamorgan Map and description", "Borough/County Borough/ City of Swansea records", "Swansea CB Glamorgan through time Boundaries of Local Government District", National Council on Archives: Rules for the construction of place names, "Student information Swansea geography", "Wales's Population A Demographic Overview 2009", "Population and household estimates, England and Wales - Office for National Statistics", "2004 Mid Year Estimates, Population Estimates Unit, ONS. Swansea Synagogue and Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall are both located in the Uplands area. The Swansea Bay City Region. Swansea made history in the south Wales derby by becoming the first side in the fixture to complete a league double as they humiliated Cardiff with a 4-0 win. [88] In 2005, GVA per head in Swansea was 14,302 nearly 4% above the Welsh average but 20% below the UK average. Finally, for hospitality venues and beautiful sea views, consider a stay in Cardiff Bay. From live-music clubs open till late hours to cocktail bars, beer gardens, and breweries, Cardiffs nightlife scene is well established and, frankly, hard to beat in Wales. Lamouchi is the fourth different opposite number Russell Martin has faced in four encounters with Cardiff as Swansea's head coach. Asia is by far the largest continent in the world, spanning 17.2 million square miles (44.6 million square kilometers). Fluellen Theatre Company is a professional theatre company based in Swansea who perform at the Grand Theatre and the Dylan Thomas Centre. But what about the othercontinents:Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America? The electricity distribution network operator supplying Swansea is Western Power Distribution. But there is always a permanency to your size and stature. Cardiff became the seat of government for Wales in 1999 and the Senedd opened in Cardiff Bay in 2006. They place Arsenal above Liverpool, Championship duo Wolves and Leeds are positioned ahead of a number of Premier League clubs, whilst Norwich and Charlton are ranked higher than Crystal Palace or QPR. Some attribute it to Swansea Jack, the life-saving dog.[78][79]. The smallest two, St Asaph and St Davids, are the two smallest cities in the UK, with populations of around 3,500 and 2,000 respectively. The university was awarded The Times Higher Education Supplement Award for the UK's "best student experience" in 2005. There are some great rivalries - Wales V England, the north v the south and Man City v Man Utd to name but a few. He was born in the town and grew up at 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Uplands, where he lived for 23 years and produced two-thirds of his published work from his tiny bedroom which has been faithfully recreated as it may have been in 1934 and is open for house tours, events, Edwardian dinner parties and overnight stays. The only continent that is its own country, Australia is also the smallest: 3 million square miles (7.7 million square kilometers). Alternatively, National Express operates a bus from Sophia Gardens to Swansea Bus Station Stand C 5 times a day. In this guide, we will take a look at different aspects of Cardiff and Swansea. He was educated at the state-sector Dynevor School, Swansea before reading theology at Christ's College, Cambridge. Playing out of St Helens Rugby and Cricket Ground the club not only produced several of the greatest Welsh rugby superstars, including Billy Bancroft and Billy Trew, they also hosted national touring sides from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Cardiff: University of Wales Press 2008. The population is heavily concentrated in the metropolitan areas around Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, the South Wales Valleys and the north-eastern corner of Wales. Newport is located about 12 miles to the east of Cardiff. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. [146] Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower have a selection of golf courses. Swansea is among the coastal cities in Wales. Thomas The History of Swansea from Rover Settlement to the Restoration. Cardiff - 366,903 Swansea - 246,993 Newport - 154,676 Percentage increase in population, 2015-2019 Cardiff - 2.6% Swansea - 1.9% Newport - 4.5% Elsewhere in Gwent, Blaenau Gwent is the only. While Cardiff Market is great, Swansea's is bigger. The Taliesin building on the university campus has a theatre, opened in 1984. Around a quarter of the country lies either within one of its three National Parks (Eryri (Snowdonia), Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons),and the Pembrokeshire Coast) or one of its five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs): Lln Peninsula, the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley, the Gower Peninsula, Anglesey and the Wye Valley. The foundation stone was laid on 28 June 1871. Thats because the fortunes of the two rivals of late have pushed Swansea onto another level in terms of status as a football club. Cardiff is bigger, gets much more investment, has more culture and much more going on in terms of shows, events, better bars and clubs etc. The English version of the name (Snowdonia) comes from the English for Yr Wyddfa - Mount Snowdon - which is Wales tallest summit at 1,085m (3,560ft) above sea level. Veolia used to operate the rural services around the Gower Peninsula and the Lliw Valley - branded Gower Explorer and Lliw Link respectively. Being the largest geographically also puts Asia at an advantage population-wise, as having4.6 billionof the world's 7.7 billion-person population. Antarctica Population 2020.World Population Review. These institutions are well structured to cater for both Welsh and visitors. In 2015 it was estimated that Beaujolais Day contributed 5million to the local economy. [16] Swansea was designated chief town of the lordship and received its first borough charter sometime between 1158 and 1184 by William de Newburgh, 3rd Earl of Warwick. The highest county is Lincolnshire (93%) followed by Nottinghamshire, Norfolk and Worcestershire, all above 92%. (2022, October 17). [84], At the sea front, The Tower, Meridian Quay is now Wales's tallest building at a height of 107 metres (351ft) with a restaurant on the top (29th) floor. Around 160 people in Swansea indicated they were Jewish in the 2011 census.[56]. Something went wrong, please try again later. To the north are the Lliw uplands which are mainly open moorland, reaching the foothills of the Black Mountain range. It backs onto the Quadrant Shopping Centre, which opened in 1978, and the adjoining St David's Centre opened in 1982. This is a problem that most cities have these days - Cardiff included.. Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/continents-ranked-by-size-and-population-4163436. Are you looking for a community of like-minded adventurers to share your experiences with? Either will suit although Cardiff will have better public transport options. According to the latest census, Wales had a population of more than 3 million. [151] Swansea had two casinos until 30 August 2012 when Aspers closed. Is it better to live in Cardiff or Swansea? This would replace the existing central Mosque on St Helens Road and be in addition to the other three existing mosques (Swansea University Mosque, Hafod Mosque, Imam Khoei Mosque). When Liverpool were winning everything during the 1970s and 1980s, domestically and in Europe, they were still never a bigger club than Manchester United. Seven crimes throughout June. During its lifetime, the building has been used as a bingo hall as well as a nightclub. [74], In addition to these there are a number of Grade II* listed buildings; Ebenezer Baptist Chapel and its Hall in Ebenezer Street; the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery; the Midland Bank building; the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Kingsway, along with its Hall and School blocks; the Offices of Associated British Ports in Pier Street; the Royal Institution of South Wales building, now Swansea Museum in Victoria Road; and the Old Guildhall in Somerset Place. John C. Symonds, The Mining and Smelting of Copper in England and Wales, Thesis, Coventry University, Jan. 2003, p.92. Every autumn, Swansea hosts a Festival of Music and the Arts, when international orchestras and soloists visit the Brangwyn Hall. First Cymru operated the Swansea Metro, a road-based FTR bus rapid transit route, introduced between Morriston Hospital and Singleton Hospital in 2009,. [23] In 2009 Swansea Council launched Wales's only week long St David's Week festival in venues throughout the city. Mr Feeney also pointed out that Swanseas Morriston Hospital looked set to lose the contest to host Waless first major trauma centre to Cardiffs University Hospital of Wales, although no decision has been announced. The 7 Continents Ranked by Size and Population. Still, so much of that has been gained by being in the boom-land of the Premier League and it is easy to talk of history when mentioning this argument. When youre watching the whole Tywi Valley unfold as you steer around the Black Mountain Pass, or soaring above fields and pine forests on a train crossing Cynghordy Viaduct, you wont want the journey to be over too quickly. [69], Local produce includes cockles and laverbread sourced from the Loughor estuary. The present Enterprise Zone was the result and, of the many original docks, only those outside the city continue to work as docks; North Dock is now Parc Tawe and South Dock became the Marina. It forms a principal area, officially known as the City and County of Cardiff (Welsh: Dinas a Sir Caerdydd), and the city is the eleventh-largest in the United Kingdom.Cardiff. Rosenberg, Matt. A poll of 2,000 adults, across 15 . These two clubs have a long history of intense rivalry,[105] so much so that it is described in the media as tribal. Kieren is the founder and editor-in-chief of Wales Guidebook. When it comes to Wales playing England at the rugby, they are united, and they also differ little when it comes to their rather less than favourable opinions of each other's football teams. It'seasy to travel to Wales from Ireland as well as the rest of the UK. Youll also sometimes hear people use older county names, such as South Glamorgan, Radnorshire or Dyfed. Swansea is among the coastal cities in Wales. Yes, is my personal belief. Swansea hosted the National Eisteddfod in 1863, 1891, 1907, 1926, 1964, 1982 and 2006. See Place-Names in Glamorgan, Gwynedd O. Which Are the Smallest States in the U.S.? The top ten most expensive streets for buying a home in Wales all had house prices of over one million British pounds as of February 2022. Some of our favorite beaches in Swansea include: Like most major cities in the UK, Cardiff has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. From dramatic coastline and sandy beaches to vibrant nightlife, cafes, and bars, these two coastal destinations have plenty to offer. Swansea has been voted as one of the top 10 cities for student nightlife in the UK. Read More Why not split your trip and have a couple of days in each ? 5 What is What Cities Are Between Cardiff And Swansea? Europelays claim to the largest and smallest nations in the world. Alternatively, National Express operates a bus from Sophia Gardens to Swansea Bus Station Stand C 5 times a day. Africais home to the longest river in the world, the Nile. This area was noted for its valuable land and was highly contested by the early Welsh kingdoms. Its known for its nightlife, shopping, and restaurant scene. Located along Swansea Bay in southwest Wales, with the principal area covering the Gower Peninsula, it is part of the Swansea Bay region and part of the historic county of Glamorgan; also the ancient Welsh commote of Gyr.[3]. Today we stay here in Championship and focus on the Bluebirds vs Jacks rivalry. Many matches between these sides have ended in violence in both Swansea and Cardiff. Swansea has also hosted the annual Swansea Bay Film Festival, where past-winning directors have included Gareth Evans, Anthony James, Alun D Pughe and Andrew Jones. He said Swansea lacked purpose compared with Cardiff, and that it was 10-15 years behind the Welsh capital. But the matter has come into the public spotlight again because of a League table of the 50 biggest clubs in the English game compiled by a London based national newspaper. [23], Smelters also processed arsenic, zinc, tin, and other metals. 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